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Taras Financial is an advisory firm, which serves institutional and retail clients.
Our Mission is to be an independent reference point in creating industrial value for our clients and partners.

Why Taras Financial Finance

Taras Financial cooperates with a diverse team of entities:

  • resolute in the client’s business development
  • constantly pursuing a balance between profit and ethics
  • partners of successful businessman themselves


Helping you make the right decisions today and for your future.
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Helping you to create, manage and protect your wealth is our primary focus at Fiscal Asset Management. Our advisors work closely with you to thoughtfully analyse your current circumstances, implementing strategies which enable you to achieve your desired financial outcomes.


Our team is prepared to assist you with full financial and life planning, offering access to the world’s leading product providers. Additionally, we are also able to target specific aspects of your finances, including superannuation and risk management.


Fiscal Asset Management, we offer you advice and solutions which are focused on you and your circumstances, providing you with the guidance necessary to achieve your desired financial outcomes.


Effectively managing taxation issues is a critical component of your financial well-being. In consultation with your accountant or taxation advisor, Fiscal Asset Management can assist you to ensure that you pay only what tax is required, also ensuring that your affairs, assets and income streams are structured in the most tax-effective manner.


We can help you develop a strategy based around the lifestyle you seek in retirement, providing practical advice that can help reduce the impact of inflation, generate competitive tax-effective returns and create an appropriate income stream in your retirement.

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Our Services

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Project Advisoring

Project Financing

Fine gemstones


The following services may be required for your business to take that next step.
-Investor introduction
-Project introduction & Presentation
-Alliance and partnership development and implementation
-Commodity Introductions and facilitation Globally
-Alternative Funding options (POF)
-Business & strategic planning
-Medium Term Notes (MTN’s) and Bank Guarantee’s (BG’s) and SBLC’s (Stand By Letter Of Credit) Via introduction
Dept & Equity Funding
-Infrastructure Funding For Governments Globally
-International business development
-Contract management & negotiations
-Corporate advisory service


We are the “One Stop Shop” for global opportunity.

Allowing investors to receive access to quality information on projects and opportunities worldwide, allowing them to make quality decisions.

We currently have in excess of 70 projects listed on our database, covering all industries and awaiting your possible investment.

Project Advisoring

We project specializes in the research and development of investment opportunities in the environmental sector and energy and reclamation of abandoned industrial areas.
The assistance offered consists in accompanying clients in the definition of strategic development paths, in the creation of public-private partnership initiatives in the field of urban regeneration, in the realization of public and local infrastructure works through feasibility studies, property valuations and management, design consultancy with the aim to study and implement retraining courses and heritage promotion and existing resources.

We project is:
Identification of customer needs
Consulting to the development and implementation of public-private partnership initiatives
Project consulting, financial analysis and technical feasibility
Master planning (business planning and product concept)
Strategic plans (identification of problems, opportunities, objectives and development scenarios)
Weproject offers additional economic consulting, technical, legal and financial assistance to local authorities and businesses who want to pursue investment programs using monetary resources used in project financing mode, with negotiated programming tools, easy finance and structured finance.

Project Financing

-Consultancy for obtaining EU funding,

-National and regional Assistance in the preparation of documentation concerning procurements subject to public

-Advisory in facilitated structured finance (project financing and leasing real estate under construction)

Fine gemstones

Last years financial crisis has eaten away, if not eliminated, the capital of many savers and people start to see metals and fine gemstones as safe haven assets. In fact in ancient times gemstones, together with gold and silver, were used as a form of money because of their universal value; today they are purchased to secure private capitals from the devaluation of money itself. Our Solution takes care of investments in fine gemstones and can be your reference point for fully understanding the logic that rules this sector. We will give you the best advice for selecting the right gemstones. We underline that not all gemstones are worth investing in; they must have certain characteristics checked by experts. You will find below some replies to frequently asked questions relating to investing in valuables.